Dorming: A Doomsday Kit

Dorming isn’t all it’s cooked out to be.


In fact, my dorming experience, though far from traumatic, was unremarkable.

Bereft of friends and stooped under the weight of overpriced books, I felt a malaise all too familiar to students disillusioned by the college experience.

The hard truth, however, is that my mental health could have suffered far worse if I had not been as physically prepared.

And in some areas? My preparedness lacked woefully.

Here are 5 practical gadgets that I highly suggest to survive dorming with grace.

1. Lap Top

MacBook Air & Mosiso Case in Camel

Mentally highlight and underline: this is an essential.

Having the money to attend college and purchase a lap top is not realistic for most. But, investing in one, through whatever legal methods, is completely worth it. Relying on campus or public library computers adds stress to a student’s daily life.  Not only does your school and work schedule have to coincide with your choice of public institution, but many of your documents (unless you’re Google Drive savvy) cannot be stored for future reference.

Apart from school, having a personal lap top gave me academic reprieve in the forms of Netflix and YouTube and iTunes. Lap tops provide sound and sanctuary when roommates are feeling especially existential and/or boozy.

Prior to purchasing a lap top, do your research. Look up reviews beyond the lap top’s host site. The internet is chock full of critters with loads to say, whether it be through Amazon or Yahoo. Once you have a few lap tops in mind, it is equally important to seek out the best deals. Newegg and Best Buy have saved me a load of cheddar.

2. Ear plugs

Twist and squeeze in. These are perfect.

3. Box Fan


If you haven’t realized it yet, dorming gets loud. And you (or your bribes) cannot press mute. Repeat the serenity prayer and buy a hassle-free, budget-friendly boxed fan. I purchased mind from Walmart and it saved me major zzz’s.

4. Hydro Flask

Browse here

My dorm tower had one drinking fountain.

Netted with spider webs.

Four stairwells below my room.

This flask and me were tied at the hip. Its stainless steel interior maintains cool water temperature and it’s external shell has proven hardy after countless falls. Did I mention this flask deals a firm blow? Screw carrying around a pocket knife at night, you’ve got a hydro in tote.

5. Dry Erase Board

Click here for a similarly priced, but better packaged product

Perhaps the cheapest tangible calendar option on the market, a dry erase board, proves vital for tracking due dates, class projects, and exams. A dry erase board allows me to color code and organize my college and work life into doable squares.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


(btw did you see Planet Earth 2?)

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to dorm and in no way am I claiming drear on behalf of every college student’s university housing experience. These are tools that were of immense benefit to me. I hope you consider them!


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