UO Announces Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS: The Best Finds for Students

Happy Sunday!


Whether you are catching up on sleep or mourning over Netflix’s release of only one season of Love, I hope your Sunday feels as blissful as the blessing that it is.  If there’s one thing I still cherish from elementary, it’s the required weekend off.

And entire hours devoted to arts and crafts. I love/hate me some Elmer’s glue.

Abiding by Sunday’s rule of simplicity, today’s post is short, sweet, and a bit of a splurge.

Starting today, Urban Outfitters has free shipping on all orders.

When your arms return from flailing in glee, get to the site ASAP. This deal ends in just two days (3/14)!

Here are some finds for students:

To Organize Your Studies


To Organize Your Room


To Minimize Bathroom Clutter


To Instill Instant Flavor


To Organize Your Jewelry


To Organize Beauty Essentials


To Organize Your Life


To Enable Your Ramen Habit


To Dread Laundry Days Just a Bit Less


To Psychologically Prepare for that Inevitable Question


Happy shopping!

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