Defeat Mealtime Malaise: 5 Entrees You Can Make in Your Dorm That Require Zero Refrigeration

There are many things college students can agree on.

Holiday grief, unprecedented exam questions, the dread that simmers during family parties when you’re asked how college is going.


Oh, and the many hurdles every student who dorms knows uncomfortably well.

One such hurdle?

Preparing your own food that is cheap, healthy, and tasty when the cafeteria offerings are…well, the opposite.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a mini fridge.

And you’re positively unwilling to put your food into the communal fridge where, in times of primal hunger, students lose any moral center.


Here are five suggestions that spice up mealtime malaise, bypass the fridge, and stick to a student budget:

1. Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Sandwich

Untitled drawing(1).jpg

Supplies Needed: Knife + Plate/ Napkin

2. Rice and Tofu Bowl

Untitled drawing(2).jpg

Supplies Needed: Microwave +Serving Dish+ Utensils

3. Instant Oats Topped w/ Banana and Nuts

Untitled drawing(4).jpg

Supplies Needed: Microwave + Water (for oatmeal) +Microwave-safe Serving Bowl + Spoon

4. Anything from Tasty Bite

Untitled drawing(5).jpg

Supplies Needed: Microwave + Serving Dish + Utensils

5. Amy’s Chili and Quinoa

Untitled drawing(6).jpg

Supplies Needed: Microwave +Serving Dish + Utensils

Don’t have a microwave-safe bowl and lid combo? Check out this one from UO!


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