Frugal Fitness: 5 (Free) Yoga Videos that Deliver a Full-Body Workout

When you think about yoga, you may envision a room full of linen-clad women meditating in a room for an hour before rushing to their favorite farmer’s market stand.


You may shrivel your nose at the very idea of spending an hour in a heated room with thirty other bare-chested yogis.


You might imagine impossibly slow postures that would surely never tone, tuck, or whatever the latest Women’s Health short ordered.


In truth, yoga takes time to adjust to.

oie_3052622KmCWMAJE (1).gif

First, you have to gain flexibility.

Then, you have to work on your strength.

If you’re lucky, your patience will grow in the meantime so you have time to relish the notorious introspective bit .


Because when you get down to it, yoga is about personal growth. It’s about aspiring while simultaneously accepting what you are capable of reasonably doing. It’s about possessing the self-awareness to know when you are able to stretch yourself just a bit further.

To top it all off, it packs a great workout.


Here are five free videos to spice up your yoga expectations:

1. GymRa: Yoga Inspired Abs and Core


2. Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

3. eFit30: Vinyasa Yoga

4. Yoga with Adriene: Power Yoga

5. Duncan Yoga: Power Yoga

Challenge your mind and body with these yoga videos! Know of an addition that should be on this list? Post a link in the comments below .


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