DIY Vegetarian Burgers

It’s no secret: College dining halls aren’t exactly in the market for Michelin star approval.

And whipping something up in your communal kitchen may not seem totally worth it if

a) You’re unsure who will stand the challenge that is getting through the afternoon:




b) You’re not completely confident that the latest Pinterest recipe is edible

In either instance, cooking sounds purely masochistic with the amount of exhaustion and stress you’re already feeling.


First and foremost, I hear you.

Dining halls and online recipe searches yield strikingly similar amounts of suspicion.

Not to mention the litany of other factors that contribute to food being a plain unbearable experience (think low student budget, lack of time and resources).

Today, I have a burger that I would entitle “The Student Burger.”

Because really the recipe is wonderfully flexible to budget and taste, all the while supporting health and satisfaction for the everyday student.

But, this burger is too delicious to chain to post-secondary status. Inexpensive, quick, and hearty, this burger is essentially a MorningStar Farms Black Bean Burger protege.

Untitled drawing(3)


Untitled drawing(6).jpg


  1. Drain kidney beans, but do not rinse. They will be kinda wet, but totally okay.
  2. Mash kidney beans with potato masher in medium bowl.
  3. Add rest of ingredients.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Stir mixture until fully combined. You want your burgers to be pasty and malleable, but not too wet. Add water or additional flour to achieve perfect consistency.
  6. Heat large frying pan coated in olive oil over medium heat.
  7. Form mixture into patties with floured hands. Place into heated pan and cover. Turn after a few minutes, or once brown and crisp.



Ways to be inventive with this recipe!

  • Experiment with beans! Butter beans, white beans, and black beans are all tried and true.
  • Likewise, experiment by increasing/ decreasing seasonings! For example, I recently replaced the ketchup and cumin with a generous squirt of BBQ sauce. Totally delicious, totally doing it again.
  • Replace flour with any other sort. Oat flour works well and adds additional grit.
  • Add more vegetables! Shredded carrot, corn, or peas work smoothly.


For fixings to match, I suggest wedging this burger between pickles, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and sriracha mayo on a potato bun.

Untitled drawing(4).jpg


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