5 Podcasts to Spice Up Your Commute

Accessible and widely variant, many podcasts live up to notoriety.

Through the Podcast app, anyone can listen to any of the podcasts listed below with no financial burden, but all the benefits that only returning to a series featuring fabulous hosts coupled with biting subject matter, time and time again, can offer.

Here are five very different podcasts that brought (or continue to bring) intrigue to what was once a humdrum daily commute.

  1. Serial


Though Season 2 failed to pique my interest, Season 1 is studded with 12 golden episodes. NPR reporter Sarah Koenig examines the peculiar death of Hae Min Lee and her alleged murderer Adnan Syed who, to this day, continues to rebuke his charge. This series looks into the case against Adnan, all the while highlighting new or overlooked leads that have developed since his determining trial.

2. In the Dark


In the Dark is similar to Serial in format and subject matter: with each season a new (most likely botched) case is reviewed. Hosted by Madeleine Baran, In the Dark looks into a 27-year old child abduction case in rural Minnesota that went unsolved until a recent confession. APM Reports and Baran investigate the repeated wrong turns that law enforcement made and how they resulted in not only a man’s continued crimes, but an entire nation’s fear of strangers which prompted hasty laws, utterly distracting from the heart of the issue: law enforcement and their work failing to be thoroughly examined.

3. What Should I Read Next?


Totally shifting focus and tone, What Should I Read Next? is an episodic podcast hosted by Ann Bogel in which she solves the common bookworm dilemma one guest and one focused discussion at a time.

Here are some notable episodes:

Ep 53: The best females in literature (with Jenny Williams)

Ep 21: The books that made you fall in love with reading (with Lucy Bogel)

Ep 50: Growing up with the help of a good book (with Leigh Collazo)

4. Portrait of a Freelancer


A new and upcoming podcast starring BookTube sensation Ariel Bissett, Portrait of a Freelancer is my soft spot for inspiration and motivation as a student, worker, and creator. Bissett is invitingly funny, curious, and judgement-free as she navigates her freelancing journey alongside her audience. Portrait of a Freelancer covers simple topics such as getting organized and taking financial risks to the less-covered issues of feeling confident enough to call yourself an artist and comparing yourself to others.

P.S. As aforementioned, Bissett is on YouTube. Check her out!

5 (and 6?): Science Friday and NPR Medical Treatments

As episodic as the above two, Science Friday interweaves the latest in science featuring excellent interviews with legitimate scientists.

NPR is as awesome and diverse as you’ve heard. I particularly like their podcasts under Medical Treatments. If my last post was any indication, I do a lot of outsourcing for my Nursing major.

Here are two highlights:

SciFri: ‘Nightmare Bacteria’

NPR: Combating Depression

Know of any podcasts others, including myself, should listen to? Let me know in the comments below.


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