My 5 Go-To Vegan Breakfasts for Busy Weekday Mornings


A simple internet search will prove that being vegan is as tasty as and perhaps even more nourishing than any other diet.

And if you’re a vegan with the tools and time to cook, you’re floored with true recipe zingers.

But, what about those times when a vegan doesn’t have time to cook? Or the convenience or array of packaged food?

The lions brief phase of a vegan lifestyle.

This post is for those vegans during those times.

Or even non-vegans during not-so hurried, losing-your-cool times.

Here are 5 of my go-to vegan breakfasts that provide:

  • nourishment
  • satiation
  • texture
  • taste

Untitled drawing(4).jpg


Prior to testing this combo for myself, I wasn’t totally sure this foodie trend would live up to the hype.

But, it does.

In. So. Many. Delicious. Ways.

I enjoy complementing smashed and seasoned avocado with french or garlic bread fresh from the toaster. For additional texture and nutrition, I pop on some cooked greens, jarred peppers, and fresh red onion. The end result is savory and hearty whilst remaining totally veg-friendly.

Untitled drawing(7).jpg



Cereal wasn’t my childhood breakfast of choice.

It quickly grew too soppy to justify the humdrum two-minute meal it always ended up being.

But my schedule has since filled and necessitated a revisit to the childhood classic.

I always stick to cereals that don’t sog in the time it takes to snap a pic.


Cheerios and Quaker Oatmeal Squares

remixed with:

Paleo Muesli

and incomplete without:

plant milk & sliced banana

Untitled drawing(5).jpg


Avocado toast rocks, I know.

Equally delicious and nutritious but longer in shelf life and better in accessibility is the sweet combo of peanut butter and banana slices of toast.

Enough said.

Untitled drawing(6).jpg


Muffins get a bad rap.

Sure, eating them everyday, as with anything done all the time, will result in 1)nausea and 2)an unhealthy overload.

But, some muffins consumed in balance are totally worth it.

I suggest:

this tried-and-true recipe

this paleo muffin mix

this pre-packaged product

or this idea:

muffins from you local baker (such as the plump baby pictured above).


Untitled drawing(8)


Dependable as a Kubrik film, oatmeal boasts fantastic shelf-life and nutritious range. Like cereal, I haven’t always been the biggest fan. Of course that was before I purchased and prepared my own foods, quickly realizing oatmeal’s top rank as both an inexpensive and instant cook.

I love rounding a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Frozen berries, bananas, almonds, and macadamia nuts are some of my best trusted.

What are your favorite quick and filling eats?


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