This is what I look like.

Or, what I wished I looked like.

At least 1/3 of the time.

Yeah, that would be nice.

In truth, I look like this:


In spite of the much needed wash, I’m doing okay.

Consider the circumstances:

  1. College sites and campuses are overwhelming and complicated.
  2. Underneath all the due dates and cram-exams, I feel, regrettably, very small.
  3. My energy drinks seem even smaller.
  4. Death is imminent.

Waiting-Skeleton.jpgLet’s face it.

College doesn’t have to be easy breezy.

But a lot of work and time goes into navigating the collegiate process that I hope to prevent future students from experiencing.

Sometimes,teachers aren’t the greatest. And their instructions? Not so clear.

Sometimes, university life isn’t what your second cousins made it out to be.


And sometimes, you just need some practical AF help.